RO Annual Passover Deliveries

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Like like a warriorthe Annual Passover Deliveries in Partership with Hillel house at Brooklyn College will be held on Sunday, March 10th, 10am-4pm. This Passover_Packagesprogram is organized every year and brings together the Jewish Community before Passover. Two weeks before the holiday students work tirelessly to carefully assemble food packages. Once the packages are prepared, volunteer teams distribute the food packages to over 400 families. The recipients of the Passover food packages are always happy to see volunteers and often invite them up for tea, or just to talk. This is guaranteed to bring a lot of smiles to both participants and recipients.

Most of the package recipients are the elderly in Brighton Beach and Sandy victims- it is a profoundly moving and rewarding experience.

This week is a week of Good Deeds – please contribute!
Monday: Unload food for Passover deliveries @11am
Tuesday: Food packaging @11am – 6pm
Wednesday: Food packing @11am-6pm
Thursday: Blood Drive @11:30am-5:30pm; Food Packaging @11am-5pm
Sunday: Passover Deliveries @10am-5pm. (Each route takes about 2 hours, come any time of the day)

Sunday: Passover Deliveries meetup at 10:00AM in front of Brooklyn College Hillel. Participants can stay for as long as they are available.


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