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30 days.
One letter.
Advice from one of the greatest Torah scholars of all time.

There are 49 days between Pesach and Shavuot. 49 days that we have the ability to climb a spiritual ladder and everyday we create even greater potential than before.

The Ramban (Nachmanides) wrote a letter to his son with eternal advice on how to walk in the ways of Hashem through building positive character traits that will transform ones life. We have these 30 days of reading “Igeret Haramban (A Letter for the Ages)” and transforming our lives by enternalizing the wisdom given from the Rambam to his son. Many believe that he wrote this letter to his son, but also in actuality to many generations after. So this letter is not only meant to his son, it’s meant to every single one of us.

Join us, virtually to embark on a spiritual journey and delve into this letter with detail analysis and discussions with our very own Rabbi Reuven ‘Groovin’ Ibragimov.

Each day we will read a chapter (its only a few pages), post our thoughts (link will be provided), and then virtually (every Tuesday evening) discuss with Rabbi Reuven the key concepts. Reading starts: April 6th. First Virtual Meet: Thur April 12th

Sign Up HERE. Get Book HERE. Become the better YOU. 


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