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RO Girl’s Rosh Chodesh Spa Night

Let’s face it… being a girl is tough.
We get plugged, teased, waxed.
We stumble around in spiky heels and wake up a full hour earlier just to tame the hairdo and apply war paint.
We can juggle a latte, an iphone, lip gloss and still not lose control of the wheel. Take that, Barnum and Bailey.
We squeeze a manicure into our lunch hour, an emergency kit that can rival a fully stalked Duane Reade into our purse, and our very selves into unforgiving fabrics.
Surely, one measly day of pink hearts and teddy bears does not suffice in celebrating who we are and what we do.

Jewish tradition recognized this more than 3,000 years back (talk about women’s lib) and so we have our own holiday. Not once, but TWELVE times a year. A day dedicated to us. Rosh Chodesh. And here at RO we take Rosh Chodesh very seriously. We invite you to join us every month for an unforgettable girl’s night in… with a twist.

Each month we kick off the festivities by working up a sweat! With professional trainers and instructors leading the class, we invite you to step out of your comfort zone. Trust me, your abs with thank you.

Than, partake in the refreshments… be it a fruit smoothie, sushi rolls or a cookie (its ok, you’ve earned it). No one goes home hungry.

Finally, join us downstairs for some R & R time in the spa. Revitalize your skin in the steamroom and sauna or just take a load off in the whirl pool. Treat yourself to a mudmask or a few cucumber slices (great for reducing the puffiness under your eyes or just appeasing a rumbling tummy).

Each month we challenge ourselves to come up with a theme that’s bigger and better than the month before. Want to see what we have done so far? Click each to see the past year of 2011 flyers: December January March April May June July Aug Sep Nov or with great joy we are going strong in 2012: Dec Jan Feb March or click below for slideshow:

[oqeygallery id=2: center]

Want to join in the fun?  Here is what we will be doing this month… are you ready to RO with us?



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