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Dear Students,
The following is a list of new rules and regulations for the Action program, in response to numerous complaints by  participants and the observations of staff.  These new rules are based on the notion that Action is the second component of your education at RAJE, after Leadership, and because participation is entirely voluntary.  Please adhere to these new rules, as well as all previously disclosed, to make Action an amazing spiritual and intellectual experience for all involved.
1.  Active listening and participation is a crucial component of your learning at Action.
If you are on your phone for an extended period, whether checking e-mail, browsing facebook, playing games, or anything else, you are not allowing yourself to absorb and comprehend everything that is being taught/discussed.  Therefore, if you are observed doing such for an extended period, your attendance will be marked only as HALF PRESENT, and you will NOT RECEIVE FULL ATTENDANCE for that class.
2.  Every Action class must foster an environment of learning for all to enjoy.
Talking amongst one another for any extended period is disruptive to both your educators and other students around you, and generally disrupts the learning experience for everyone.  If you are found talking or being disruptive, a member of the Action staff may, at their discretion, mark you as HALF PRESENT, and you will NOT RECEIVE FULL ATTENDANCE for that class.  Additionally, Action staff may ask you to leave the room if they find it necessary to do so.
3.  You must be present for the class to receive its maximum benefit and message.
If you must use the bathroom and cannot wait until break or the end of a session, you are certainly allowed to do so.  Extended absence during a class, however, will not be allowed if you want to receive full attendance for that class.  If a member of the Action staff finds you gone longer than the time necessary for a reasonable bathroom break, or if you come back smelling of cigarettes, your attendance will be marked only as HALF PRESENT, and you will NOT RECEIVE FULL ATTENDANCE for that class.  There is ample opportunity for smoking breaks and breaks in general built into the Action program.
4.  Lateness is disruptive to other participants and will not be tolerated.
Coming in late to a class disrupts both teachers and students.  Therefore, being on time is of the utmost importance.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for any one class, your attendance will be marked only as HALF PRESENT, and you will NOT RECEIVE FULL ATTENDANCE for that class
5.  Drug use or possession before or during the Action program will not be tolerated
Using drugs greatly influences both your behavior and your ability to learn and absorb the information that is being presented.  If the Action staff suspects you of using drugs, carrying drugs, or smelling like drugs, appropriate measures will be taken, including but not limited to being marked ABSENT FOR THE ENTIRE DAY, being ASKED TO LEAVE, or COMPLETE DISMISSAL from the Action program, if it is so warranted.  Please respect yourself, your peers, and the staff by adhering to this guideline fully.
Please understand that these new regulations serve to better your experience and that of everyone around you.  To learn together effectively we must be aware of our surroundings and how they affect others, and do all we can to remain alert, allow the wonderful Action staff to teach effectively, and not disrupt the learning of others.  Please keep in mind that 2 half present= 1 full absent day.
Thank you,
The RO Action Staff.