Museum of Jewish Heritage Exhibition

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Museum of Jewish Heritage
36 Battery Place
New York, NY 10280

Thursday, November 3, 2011 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

BY INVITATION ONLY! If you are interested in attending  PLEASE RSVP BY CLICKING HERE BY NOV 3RD!


About the Exhibition:

This special Beit Hatfutsot exhibition, sponsored by the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, depicts an important chapter in modern Jewish history, a story of Jews in the former Soviet Union who wanted to emigrate, but were denied the right to leave. You will learn about their efforts to maintain Jewish identity and community life, their struggles with Soviet authorities, and the support that movement generated worldwide
1. A guided tour of the exhibition
2. Question and answer session with a former “Refusnik” and American activists
3. Private reception for invitees and their guests ONLY.

This event is free for you because of a generous subsidy.

South Africa

RAJEon + South Africa = ?

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Steve Jobs, Noah, and Abraham

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by Ricky Cohen

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011 C.E.
Abraham 1813-1638 B.C.E
Noah 2704-1755 B.C.E

When a world class business leader dies, do we have an obligation to do something?
Should we dedicate a portion of the time we share as families to an understanding of his/her life and accomplishments?
Should we take the time to understand the thought processes that enabled his extraordinary success – the way we would for a great thinker, religious or political leader?
Should his work be studied by us as individuals, the way it will be studied by historians and business professors?
Our opportunity in life is to build ourselves, further the unveiling of creation and the development of humanity. With that in mind, anyone who helped further that process should be studied, and we and our children should make their life lessons our own.
So the obvious answer to the above is: Yes!
The recurring terms noted in the description of the life and accomplishments of Steve Jobs were: Hunger, Foolishness, Passion and Patience. I struggled with those terms because I wanted to understand them as clearly as I could, so I would have the opportunity to share them with others.

To be “Hungry” and “Foolish”:
Are most people “hungry” to succeed, achieve and grow?
My experiences with the people I’ve met in my life, tells me yes, certainly. Most men and women – young and old, have a wanting to achieve, to master, to improve. It’s an expression of the will endowed by our Creator and articulated when man came into being: “To fill our world and master it”.

It’s the “foolish” part that’s more challenging! Foolishness in the context of an entrepreneur means: Confidence, self-belief, daring and risk orientation. The number of people in this category is more limited. The “foolishness” Steve Jobs is talking about is: Acknowledging the risks and adversities in the new business or other effort a person is considering – understanding the seriousness of those risks, and still making the effort.

Foolishness, in this context, is not born of ignorance – it is born of courage! It’s not a function of immaturity – it’s a function of intelligent understanding, coupled with serious belief in oneself and life. Foolishness, daring, or intelligent risk taking is the greatness of Abraham – and the near greatness of Noah. To put your faith in something – and burn the bridge behind you – the “Abraham Method”, is the foolishness that makes for greatness. It is that which is demanded of each of us so that life is lived rather than passed through – so that the pages of one’s existence are torn and re-mended memorably. It’s about fear, uncertainty, and all of the other uncomfortable things that make for success and notoriety.

The foolishness of Abraham and of Noah is being celebrated thousands of years after each one lived. Steve Jobs will be celebrated and studied for decades – if not a century – for his unparalleled achievements. Foolishness is the common thread. We each have to look at our own “Foolishness Meter”.
And then there were the two final terms: “Passion” and “Patience”.

“Passion” is the tool with which you identify where your foolishness must play out – for what, in what area, should your risk taking be focused. The passion of Noah and Abraham was called out by their Maker through prophecy – ours is called out as well. The difference is that today prophecy is subtle and intuitive. It resides in your gut and your heart – as they whisper their yearning to your mind. These thoughts and feelings are no less an expression of each individual’s truth than a divinely inspired vision or the three dimensional prophecy of angels/messengers.

A prophecy could be misunderstood or ignored – as can the passion that emanates from the individual to himself. As the new year moves forward it’s a good time to do a passion check and make sure that your passion is clear to you and is happening for you.

And finally: Patience – the most difficult and serious of all.

“I’m hungry and foolish, and I know where I want it to go. It took honesty, courage and a lot of panicked moments but I know what I want and I’m committed to achieving it. Now you want me to be patient?” As my 5 year old grandson Elliot would say: “Are you kidding Papa?”
The answer is No. The average overnight success is a 15-17 year effort – thousands and thousands of hours (have a look at the career of Steve Jobs, read The Outlier’s, or study the lives of Abraham and Noah). A long term plan, commitment to process, and a near worshipping of detail, are the elements that make for a patient – and therefore successful execution.
There are many types of great men and women – some we revere and emulate, and some we respect and learn from. Hunger, foolishness, passion and patience are the threads that connect them all.

Warmest regards,

Republished from

Virtual Wisdom on Wed Night

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Get ready to dive into the Parsha Noach with Rabbi Reuven Groovin

Join us comfortably from your couch!


You can log into the virtual classroom beginning 15 minutes prior to starting time

1. Click here:
2. Click “user login”
3. Enter any username you wish and your email address
Keep in mind that your username is how your name will appear in the classroom
usernames must be a minimum of 5 characters and not contain spaces
email addresses are not retained nor checked, but they must be entered in correct form
4. Click submit

Sane Relationships

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With Mrs. Gila Manolson

Sane Relationships in an Insane World

Gila Manolson graduated Yale University magna cum laude in 1979, and from 1981 to 1983 studied in Israel. In 1984 she married and settled in Jerusalem, where she currently resides with her husband and children. She speaks around the world for Discovery International, the Jerusalem Fellowships, the Bet Midrash program at Hebrew University, the Michlalah Overseas Program, V.I.S.A. (Visiting Israel Students Association), Isralight, and many other programs. She is also a regular lecturer at Neve Yerushalayim, Midreshet Rachel, and She’arim in Jerusalem. Additionally, she was featured in the Aish HaTorah- film Inspired and in the Bnos Melochim film Who Am I?

Mrs. Manolson is the author of three best-selling books (which have been translated into several other languages): The Magic Touch: A Jewish Approach to Relationships, Outside/Inside: A Fresh Look at Tzniut, and Head to Heart: What to Know before Dating and Marriage.

Wednesday, Nov 9th 2011

7:30 Refreshments
8:00 PM Gila Mandelson

suggested donation $10 | Donations can be made by clicking here or cash at the event. Thank you!


Moadon at the RAJE Center | 2915 Ocean Parkway

Follow us on Twitter here
Like our FB Page here

Table for Two & The Five Love Languages

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The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts
with Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov

Marriage should be based on love, right? But does it seem as though you and your spouse are speaking two different languages? At RAJEon’s Table for Two you and your spouse will discover your unique love languages and learn practical first steps in truly understanding each other.

8:30PM Tuesday, October 25th 20111

$80 CASH PER COUPLE includes FULL dinner at
T Fusion Steak House | 3223 Quentin Road Brooklyn NY

Registration below is a must.

So You Think You Can Dance?

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Join us as we celebrate our religious freedom in America by dancing and rejoicing with our community and the Torah.


Plenty of  Le’chaims!
Mega Dancing Till You Drop on Ocean Parkway
The happiest party of the Jewish Year!

7:00 PM – Intro by Rabbi “G Money”
7:30 PM – Smorgasbord with plenty of food and drink to go around
8:00 PM – Dance til it hurts!

Click Here to Register

or Like our Facebook page here


Special Virtual Yom Kippur Class

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Please join Rabbi Reuven Groovin’ virtually from the comfort of your couch this Wed. night at 9:30pm for a special class on Yom Kippur.  Will be covering some of the prayers such as Selichot, Kol Nidrei, and Neilah and there majestic meaning to help you have an inspiring Yom Kippur.  So grab the popcorn and log on!!! Because you don’t want to be the one on Sat standing and staring at the prayer book.

Log in details to follow.  RSVP on FB by clicking here where the log in will be posted closer to the start time.


Yom Kippur With RAJEon

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Are you ready for Brooklyn’s Best Inpirational Yom Kippur Service?? Let’s Go!


The Schedule is as follows: 
Friday October 7th
6:10 PM Welcome and Introduction
7:00 PM Inspirational Kol Nidrei service
(Optional class )
8:00 PM Yom Kippur class – overview of day -customs and laws

Saturday, Sept 8th
9:30 AM Yom Kippur morning
11:30 AM Torah reading and reflection
12:00 PM Yizkor Memorial Service
12:15 PM The Musaf Service
Optional classes
12:45 PM Class (Optional)
1:45 p.m. – 4:15 PM break and end of musaf service.
2:30 PM – 4:15 PM Day of introspection breakout session followed by stage presentations
4:30 PM The Mincha service and The book of Jonah Unplugged
4:30 PM (Optional class)
5:45 PM Introduction to Neilah with Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov
6:00 PM The Ne’ilah service followed by shofar blowing and the break-fast
7:07 PM The Fast Ends
Gmar Chatima Tova! May you and your family be written in the book of life, health and prosperity!

Facebook RSVP here

 Check out the RAJEon HH Reader 5772

Drinks, Dolls, and Dresses Raise over $10,000 for Charity

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A group of Russian American Jews, led by one inspired individual, put together a star-studded smash hit to help feed underprivileged children in Israel.
by Sivan Hadari | September 28, 2011 4:20 pm
(for the orginial article )

From Left: Yuri Foreman, Diana Kosov, Natalya Gertsik, Albert Binman

On September 13th, Hudson Terrace was filled with members of the Russian Jewish community and its supporters, a number of celebrities among them. Professional boxer Yuri Foreman was hanging out at the bar surrounded by a tight posse of beautiful women in shimmering cocktail dresses. Diana Kosov & Albert Binman of the Lifetime reality show “Russian Dolls” flaunted their moves for the crowd before they were auctioned off for romantic dates. Diana was sold for over $800 while Binman raked in a bit less than his co-star; competing with Diana’s long blonde hair and impossible curves was not an easy feat.

The atmosphere was tense as bidding wars broke out over the prizes, including a private boxing lesson from Forman that had two bidders at each other’s throats for twenty minutes. Finally, Forman was “won” by Brach Horowitz for an impressive $1,500. Other items up for auction included an all-expenses paid trip to Israel, a Porsche Boxter three day rental, a “Good to Be a Girl” Spa package, and Salsa lessons with world champion Anya Katsevman.

Party organizer Jane Panitch walked around the rooftop lounge sporting a blue Calvin Klein mini dress and a thousand-watt smile. Panitch, a full-time Sales and Brand Manager, planned the event through her organization RAJEon (Russian American Jewish Experience Alumni) to raise money for Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem. Hazon Yeshaya is Israel’s leading Humanitarian Network, providing 14,000 meals each day to the poorest children, adults and seniors around Israel, as well as free dental treatment and vocational training courses for the unemployed. Panitch was inspired by Hazon on a RAJE trip to Israel in 2009: “We volunteered at the Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem, and I was astonished to see how many people were standing in line asking for food.  It really tore my heart out. Because I was born in Kiev, I was able to speak to these elderly Holocaust survivors and hear first-hand how hard it is for them to manage financially in Israel. Because they moved to Israel too old to work, they struggled to manage on their meager government pension, so they turned to Hazon Yeshaya for food and dental treatment.” After her return she founded the RAJE alumni branch with a number of close friends to support the charity. In 2010, she put together ‘Drink Bid Support’ and helped raise over $10,000. This year, the party pulled in over $14,000 in donations.

Amir Bronstein, President of the UJA Young Russian Leadership Division, and additional board members came out to show their support. Also in attendance was the director of, Rabbi Mordechi Tokarsky and the producers of “Russian Dolls,” Michael and Marina Levitis. Bronstein, an avid philanthropist and Israel enthusiast, was thrilled at the success of the event: “It is important for us to support the young leaders of tomorrow, individuals who care about the future of our community such as Jane Panitch. The work she is doing with RAJEon is crucial”.

Vote for Leah K For Jewish Hero 2011

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This year RAJEon is nominating Lead Korostyshevskaya for Jewish Hero 2011! Please help us by voting for her.

Have you been impacted by Leah?  Has she made a difference in your life?  Staffed your trip and you had an unforgettable time?  Was your Chavrusa and now you understand Judaism better?  Threw you a Sheva Brachos?  Each week invites you to lunch n learns?Txt her when you need a place for shabbat?  The list goes on!!!!!!

PLEASE VOTE BY CLICKING HERE AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!!  Limit to one vote every 12 hours so please vote more than once!